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SkyRaid has launched!

Sproox Admin
Sproox @ Sproocraft
posted 4 hours ago
The Sproocraft SkyRaid Beta has launched! Join now using IP:

Considering it's a beta, please except bugs to pop up here and there! Make sure to report them so that they are patched quicker! Bugs can be reported in the forums.

Information about the server and how it is played will soon be posted here and in the server guide.

SkyBlock Raiding Confirmed!

Sproox Admin
Sproox @ Sproocraft
posted Sat at 10:40
The upcoming Sproocraft server has been decided on! SkyBlock Raiding (we are yet to come up with a better name for this) server will be launching this Sunday (tomorrow) @ 3:00 PM PDT under the same IP!

We are the very first to combine the objectives and gameplay of Factions PvP and SkyBlock Survival into one gamemode! For this matter, we will take advantage of it and advertise it! Advertising, however, doesn't come cheap! We ask our community to leave tips or donations here to help us out on advertising. Any amount will be taken and will be very appreciated and helpful. Donated funds will all exclusively go towards our advertising campaign beginning Monday September 15th! In addition, after certain goals are met, the entire server will be rewarded with double XP or double ore drops in addition to special drop parties! Thank you!

Another few words I'd like to add. Since we are the first to host such game mode, it is important that you understand that this will be a very large experiment. Bugs will most likely pop up left and right and updates will be released very rapidly to further perfect the server to the point where I feel the gamemode has been completed. Thank you all for your patience and I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

Progress of SC - September 2014 News

Sproox Admin
Sproox @ Sproocraft
posted Sep 7, 14
It has been quite a while since releasing an update on what is going on with Sproocraft. I will be discussing the issues that have came up and what is planned for SC.

Bukkit & Spigot Issues

Spigot is the server software that is used for Sproocraft. In case you have not heard, both Bukkit and Spigot were recently sued for copyright infringement. There seems to be tons of drama going on within the Bukkit project, which Spigot depends on for updates. Even more recently, many or most of Bukkit's staff team has quit for several reasons. Since Bukkit is basically dead at this point, Spigot is also at risk for shutting down. There has been word from Spigot's administrator, md_5, that Spigot will at an unknown time begin work on its own server software that will not be dependent on Bukkit. There has also been word from Dinnerbone, game developer at Mojang, that he will personally update Bukkit to 1.8 for servers to use. That is yet to be proven and will most likely not happen given the current situation at Bukkit.

What this means for Sproocraft

Sproocraft, like all Minecraft servers, are dependent on Bukkit. Yes, even though we use Spigot, we are dependent on Bukkit considering Spigot uses the Bukkit API. Since neither Bukkit or Spigot are currently updating to Minecraft 1.8 because of the situation given above, servers have no choice but to remain on Minecraft 1.7.10 for the meantime. Players can feel free to update to Minecraft 1.8 and connect to the server. However, 1.8 content will not be present in the server because it is not supported, yet. SC will begin supporting 1.8 content as soon as Bukkit or Spigot updates to 1.8 or until we can find a replacement.

Plans for Sproocraft Changed

Originally, the server was supposed to be updated to MC 1.8 smoothly and begin an advertising campaign shortly after that. Obviously, this has to change. Instead, the faction server will have to be put on hold until 1.8 is available for servers. To replace it, for the meantime, we will be launching our Skyblock server on Friday September 12. The choice to bring Skyblock was made because it does not require resets on server updates nor do they need updates. In addition, I have definitely heard the community's request for the server to return :)

On the side note, current ranked users WILL have their ranks on both Skyblock and Factions.

Features in Sproocraft's Skyblock will be available very soon!

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