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Massive Update!

Sproox Admin posted Aug 14, 14
We have big news to bring to you today! MineLegacy is no more! Instead, say hello to Sproocraft! Beginning today, ML will now be known as Sproocraft publicly. We are also beginning an advertising campaign to hopefully bring new members to our community and fill the server!

To connect to the server, simply enter in your server list. Yes, the old ML IP still works.

Our goal is always to provide a friendly and awesome experience to our players. The following changes were made to fulfill such goal.

The spawn has been moved to a new location above the Nether bedrock limit so that the spawn no longer takes up space inside the Nether. If you're exploring the Nether, you will no longer run into the spawn! Note, it is also now impossible to exit the spawn without going through the Wild portal in the center of the spawn.

MCMMO has been removed from the server; reasons being a new bug has been discovered that has yet to be fixed by its developer. In addition, we want PvP battles in the server to be based on a combination of skill and equipment rather than points. There also many "skills" in MCMMO that interrupt game mechanics such as anvil repairing and brewing.

Repair signs have also been removed because they made anvils completely pointless. We want our players to actually play and enjoy the game as it was meant to be rather than clicking a sign to automatically have something repaired. To repair, you must now make an anvil or buy one in our in-game shops using gems and collect the necessary materials to repair the specific item including XP levels.

The End World is now a preserved, event map. All arenas are held here in addition to all staff hosted events including drop parties in the new party room. Server-wide events will also be held every weekend beginning Saturday August 9th @ 12 PM EST. Some events that will be included on the weekends are PvP tournaments, building contests, massive drop parties, hide and seek, faction tournaments, and much more!

The Aether has been removed from the server because of low popularity. Figured we might as well get rid of it!

2 Mob Arenas have been made in addition to the current one to make sure everyone has a chance to eventually play. The awards for Mob Arena have also been updated to make the battle worth your time!

Fun and awesome names have been given to certain items and blocks to add a bit more swagger to your day. You'll notice which items and blocks have been renamed when you see them!

The horse shop is now available to all players! Use /horses buy to buy a protected horse or /horses help for more info and commands! NOTE: The undead and skeleton horses are reserved for Titan ranked users only!

The server guide is now available for use whenever you need a bit of guidance in the server. The guide provides info about the basics of the server including ranked user only content. In addition to the guide, the website's design was given a complete overhaul for a much cleaner and beautiful look.

Voting is now fixed! You may now vote @ to support Sproocraft and help it move to the top of all servers! In return, voters receive a free 20 gems per day!

Thank you everyone for your helpful feedback on the last few updates. We look forward to hearing more regarding this update. Happy crafting!

Coming Soon: Player stats & achievements

MineLegacy BETA Update #2

Sproox Admin posted Aug 1, 14
As always, new content and bug fixing is based on the feedback our staff and server receives in the forums! We are glad to announce the addition of new content to better your experience here on ML! Yes, we are moving away from the SMP feel to the server and towards raiding. More people simply enjoy raiding and factions more than SMP.


It is now fairly easier to obtain gems than before. Several methods of obtaining them now includes voting, playing Mob Arena, upgrading your rank (kits include gems), participating in events, completing quests, and killing mobs. That's right, you heard right! Hostile mobs now have a 50% chance of dropping gems when killed in addition to their normal drops. Note, gems will not drop if the mobs were spawned through means of a spawner (grinder).


Due to our feedback, we have decided to enable both TNT and Creeper eggs for all players! Obsidian is still immune to explosives along with other items made of obsidian. To keep the game balanced, TNT and Creeper eggs will not be sold in the in-game shops. You may still, however, buy or obtain them from another player.


The online rank shop is now open. Upgrading your rank will unlock new features and benefits making the server even more enjoyable! Already have a rank? You can always upgrade it! Check out rank features and benefits at!


If you have requested to have your rank returned, you should now have it on both the forums and in-game. If you did not receive your rank, please go to Rank Recovery again and make sure you have verified your Minecraft account on your Enjin account. Rank Recovery will only be available for the duration of the weekend. This is the final round and we will not be giving ranks back after Sunday.

MineLegacy BETA Update

Sproox Admin posted Jul 20, 14
Thank you all for joining us on Saturday morning's beta launch of MineLegacy! We will be releasing bug fixes and adding new content gradually during maintenance breaks during the next few days. During this time, you may experience short down times or lag spikes. The server will be running smoothly by Friday July 25th!

We have certainly been receiving complaints about missing ranks. Missing ranks will be give back once all bugs are fixed. This is meant to prevent further bugs from developing and to make sure the ranks work.

The following bugs have been fixed...

Green = Fixed    Red = Being Worked On

• "/Spawn" command does not work
• Factions are able to claim the spawn
• Players are unable to teleport in the spawn if an enemy player is nearby
• Gems are too easily obtained in Mob Arena
• Players have Creative Mode in the Aether
• It is too easy to travel between worlds
• Players are unable to speak in global chat
• Players are able to spam the chat
• Players can obtain free gems using alt accounts
• AFK notices are too often; are not limited to ranked players only
• Players are unable to use Warps
• Players are unable to catch mobs using eggs
• Players are spawning on their faction home rather than the spawn
• There is no limit on max faction power
• Many MCMMO abilities are not functioning
• Gems are too easily obtainable in the economy
• Faction names are not appearing by username
• Ranked players are still missing their ranks
• Quests are nonexistent
• Server NPCs are nonexistent
• Chairs do not work
• Staff do not have their ranks
• Players are able to advertise
• Players have access to Bukkit:me command
• Announcements are nonexistent
• Players are unable to use several commands in Mob Arena
• Voting is not functioning
• Aether is not loading
• Players lose power in Mob Arena after death
• Fire spread is on
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